Board of Counseling Requirements for Those Who Provide Supervision

Board of Counseling Requirements for Those Who Provide Supervision


C. Supervisory qualifications. A person who provides supervision for a resident in professional

counseling shall:

1. Document two years of post-licensure clinical experience;

2. Have received professional training in supervision, consisting of three credit hours or 4.0

quarter hours in graduate-level coursework in supervision or at least 20 hours of continuing

education in supervision offered by a provider approved under 18VAC115-20-106. Persons who

have provided supervision for a residency prior to September 3, 2008 shall complete such

coursework or continuing education by September 3, 2010; and

3. Shall hold an active, unrestricted license as a professional counselor, marriage and family

therapist, substance abuse treatment practitioner, school psychologist, clinical psychologist,

clinical social worker, or psychiatrist in the jurisdiction where the supervision is being provided.

At least 100 hours of the supervision shall be rendered by a licensed professional counselor.

D. Supervisory responsibilities.

1. Supervision by any individual whose relationship to the resident compromises the objectivity

of the supervisor is prohibited.

2. The supervisor of a resident shall assume full responsibility for the clinical activities of that

resident specified within the supervisory contract for the duration of the residency.

3. The supervisor shall complete evaluation forms to be given to the resident at the end of each

three-month period.

4. The supervisor shall report the total hours of residency and shall evaluate the applicant's

competency in the six areas stated in subdivision B 1 of this section.

E. Applicants shall document successful completion of their residency on the Verification of

Supervision Form at the time of application. Applicants must receive a satisfactory competency

evaluation on each item on the evaluation sheet. Supervised experience obtained prior to April

12, 2000, may be accepted toward licensure if this supervised experience met the board's

requirements which were in effect at the time the supervision was rendered.



  1. Gary Rafala
    July 14, 2017 at 23:38

    Does VACC have any supervisor training coming up? if not can you recommend a training.

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