TRICARE Test Response

TRICARE Test Response

March 22, 2012

Ms. Catherine Chappell
Acting Executive Director
Virginia Board of Counseling
Perimeter Center 
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300 
Henrico Virginia 23233-1463


Dear Ms. Chappell:

Thank you for your letter of March 7, 2012, in which you respond for the Board of Counseling in regard to the VACC request to easily access information as to the nature of the exam we took when licensed.  We had requested that such information be posted on the website, as there have only been two or three different exams over the years, but the Board commented that we needed to request such information from the Board at $25 per request. We hope that the Board will reconsider.

We do not need licensure verification or test scores – we simply need to know which version of the written test we took.  The Board could save its staff a great deal of time and work by putting this information on the website. And judging by the greeting when one calls the Board, the Board office appears to be sorely understaffed as it is. There are logistics to consider. Many will call or e-mail for the information. Someone will then have to respond with a request to put into writing what they want and send a check for $25. Then the staff will have to deposit a check, write a letter advising of the name of the written test for that year (they would have to be coached to know that information, as it may not be apparent from the written tests in the files).  Even if VACC helps the Board by putting a notice on the website specifying exactly how to ask for the information, we would have to know the name of the tests used so that we can advise our members, and we would need guidance on the way requests should be written to get the exact information they need.  Moreover, not every LPC is a VACC member.

In our opinion, the Board is creating a great deal of unnecessary work for its staff and the licensees it oversees.  Please reconsider – put on the Board website which years it has used the NCMHCE as its written licensure exam!




Michael E. Nahl, LPC
Communications Committee Chair


P.O. Box 7066 Virginia Beach, VA 23457



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